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Hot Boys Rumble at Randy Blue

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RandyBlue: Reese, Blake , Braden & James

The Horny Hotties of Randy Blue: Reese, Blake and James

Reese, James and Blake: Randy Blue's hottest manwhores

Randy is back with another hot 3-way action shoot. Blake, James & Reese deliver a perfect mix of passion and raw sex. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

Here is what Randy has to say about Blake, James & Reese

What is it about a three way that always gets your heart a pumpin? Could it be that we are all so insatiable that we need more than one guy to focus on to make us happy? Could it be that we like variety? And a lot of it? I know for myself it’s watching guys who have never experienced something like this before get into it. Grabbing, jerking, sucking, kissing and experiencing so much at once. Now that people, is hot!

"Grabbing, jerking, sucking, kissing and experiencing so much at once."

Let the orgy begin!

Whatever your reason I can promise this is going to be a good one. When you put Blake, James and Reese together I can promise you a great show. These guys get along extremely well off the camera that I knew the sparks were going to fly once they got started. Blake was cocky telling them both that he would be the best piece of ass they have ever had and of course Reese and James competed to see who could give Blake the screw of his life. You can really see and almost feel how much they all get into the action. Reese is a fucking machine. And lets face it James, knows how to get all the guys horned up. And as for Blake I think he could seduce just about anyone.

This video was unscripted and we even let Reese do the interview which was a lot of fun and something that I am sure we will do again and again. The guys are all joking and laughing but when the action starts its pure testosterone and lust. These guys wanted to get off! This video has lots of oral, anal, and best of all some heavy making out which always, in my opinion, makes the action so much better! Get ready guys, this one is hot!

When you put Blake, Reese and James together you know its going to be good. This one is really good. Reese and James tag team Blake in an all out threesome that includes a lot of hot action and a great interview with Reese. Enjoy!

To quote Randy Blue on Blake Riley, Reese Rideout, Braden Charron and :

"Ask my friends who they think is really hot and they will tell you Blake. I of course am in no position to argue because the boy makes me drool. Blake is the kind of guy that you like immediately! He is funny, charming and sweet with a body and an ass that is beyond description. So many times in this biz people try to be things they are not...maybe its just an attitude but Blake is cool with out having to try to be. I first talked to Blake months ago before he moved to a larger city and he was not quite sure about being on the site. But after some time and s9ome soul searching he decided he really wanted to have fun with this and I could not be happier. Blake will make your motor run. In his first two days with us he did his solo and another soon to be released scene that was incredible. That boy can really get into sex and his body was made for it. When I look at Blake I remember this one guy in my fraternity I had a huge crush on. I could get hard just looking at him in class."

"I really can't remember how I actually found Reese but I am so glad I did. In my mind he is exceptional. Usually when model comes to LA I pick them up. Reese took inniative and got a ride on his own to the hotel. When I arrived there he was smiling and waiting. Reese is one of the handful of models that I immediately felt comfortable with. He smiles a lot and he is funny. This is the kind of guy you want to hang out with. Reese doesn't have much experience in the adult business, only doing some layout's for Freshmen magazine a year or so ago. This was all pretty new to him and he had a lot of questions. You would never guess it though when you get him in front of the camera. Reese was a stand out with one hell of a beautiful body and one really hot ass and cock. Reese is an amateur body builder with desires to go pro so his body is very important to him. It is his temple and he takes very good care of it. Reese loves to show his hard work off and secretly I know he gets a Real kick out of people looking at him." When we decided to "auction" his virgin ass, many RRandy Blue models did their bidding to have that honor; however, it's fuck buddy Bradon Charron who won and got to bust Reese's cherry!

Reese Rideout: One Hot Greedy Sex Pig!

If you have been following on the Randy Blue site for some time now you can't help but notice Reese. A year ago when RB approached Reese about being their first real exclusive Randy was not sure if he would accept the offer or how our working relationship would play out. It was completely unchartered territory for them and for him. But looking back over the past year Randy can honestly say it has been an incredible experience.

Braden and Reese recently had just worked on a Randy Blue suckfest video show near a pool. Randy Blue weighs in on why Braden is the right guy for Reese's first time to take it up the Man-gina:

"Reese has taken on each shoot with so much zeal and passion. He can turn the dullest mundane scene into some thing hot and usually funny for the crew. Reese knew this day was coming because how can you be a porn star and not give it up at least once? How can you fuck someone and not have the slightest curiosity about being on the receiving end? The answer is you can't. A real star gives it everything he has for the crew, for himself, and always for the fans. Reese has been a fucking machine and not one guy that has been with him has ever not enjoyed the experience. When it came time to find someone to take Reese's cherry RB knew he would have so many offers. Every guy that worked with him weighed in with his reason why he should be chosen but in the end it was Braden who got the lucky job. Braden and Reese have some real affection for each other which is pretty evident when you see them kid and harass and work with each other. This, just so you know is Braden's first piece of tight man ass and we suspect it wont be his last judging by the hard pounding he gave Reese. Reese takes it all like the man he is and pretty soon is begging for more! This video was worth waiting for and we don't think Reese has ever looked better!"

Braden Charro is the lucky guy to score a "Home Run" in Reese's Ass.

"What an ass! No, I don't mean his personality, I mean that beautiful bubble ass on the backside of this hot guy. Braden walked in, shook my hand and again I was in love. God, what a job I have. I actually get paid to hang out with this hot guy. Braden has a beautiful body, face and a great New England accent and he knows how to use all three to his advantage. The guy also has a heart of gold which just exudes from him! I was glad when Braden told me he wanted to pose for the site but I was amazed at just how enthusiastic he was about it. Braden loves to touch his body and like most guys that work that hard on his physique he loves to watch himself. I'll admit to getting turned on myself while watching him look at his reflection. Braden has been working out for years and his body is hard as a rock including that magnificent ass of his. Braden just signed on to do solo work and is not sure about doing anything else but at least for right now we have that! Braden strips down and works that ripped body of his."

"James Hawke is a sweet southern boy with a little bit of a devil mixed in. Make that a horny little devil. James completely knocked me off my feet. Not because of his beautiful body, big smile and all his sexual assets but because he was so amazingly sweet. The guy got out of his taxi and slapped me on the back thanking me for the opportunity to work for Randy Blue. Now I know you must think I like getting my ass kissed but please listen when I say this was sincere and genuine. within one hour of hanging out with him I'll admit I was hooked. James loves to smile and laugh and he is the kind of guy anyone would want for a best friend. I could imagine myself going camping with this guy and believe me, I don't usually go camping. James's body is remarkable. He is lean and toned and his arms are so sexy. But I think its his smile that draws you in, and his thick, sexy southern accent. James is brand new and exclusive to us here at Randy Blue. And you know what? You won't find him anywhere else. I know you are going to love him!"

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