Monday, December 31, 2007

Tommy Hansen

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Tommy Hansen is one of Bel Ami's most popular porn stars of all time, along with Pavel Novotny and Lukas Ridgeston. Described by Freshmen magazine as having "a perfect face, a body by Da Vinci and a dick so big and thick that you could suck on it for hours", he soon won a solid fan base and then became one of the most important star of the "new generation" of Bel Ami performers. Hansen is the quintessential gay bottom fantasy boy with his dark blonde hair, brown eyes, deep rich tan, smooth and defined abs and pecs, and an enormous uncircumcised penis. Hansen himself, according to the Freshmen magazine interview, estimates that his penis is longer than 9 and a half inches (24 cm) when erect.
The Tommy is from Tommy Hilfiger; Hansen because it sounds like “handsome.” His real name is Filip Trojovsky, 25. Learn more about his story on OUT. There's also an interesting picture story about how Porn star dildos are made, and Tommy helps show how here. Strangely, for a porn star, Hansen has openly admitted in interviews that the reason why he prefers to bottom ( see this bareback video where he bottoms for Tim Hamilton ) is that he dislikes performing penetrative sex whilst using a condom. Trojovsk√Ĺ is also an accomplished kickboxer, competing in the under 81kg division for his club, Arena Brno. He also plays American football with the Brno Alligators. The young man is certainly a jock so he can kick your ass if you go too far with him! He claims to be straight, but haller!, he not only appears in many gay porn videos, he laso bottoms 99% of the time.

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